It is really sinking in to me the more you guys grow up – I am a mom of two boys.  Boys’ boys – real boys.  Roll around in the dirt-climb off the side of the sofa-wrestle me to the ground boys.  And I love it.


You guys are little Kings – little Princes.  And you both are so precious to me.


Growing up so fast…. EJ – the past two nights, you’ve used the potty of your own free will!  I am so excited about what this means for you (and for me!) – you are such a big boy!


Your imagination is amazing, EJ.  I love the stories you tell me, and you pretend to be everything from a robot (above), to a king, to a solider, to a snake.  You even get the rest of us in on the fun (below – sorry Gam!  I had to do it!).


And Dieter – you are progressing by leaps and bounds.  Thursday, November 13th, you pulled yourself up to your feet on your own, and you’ve been going full force ever since.  I’m so proud.On his own

Dieter, you’re my little Love Bug – you love to cuddle up to me, even crawling up to me and burrowing your head into my back/shoulder/calf – wherever you can reach on me.  And EJ, you’re still my Honey Bear.  I love it when you ask me to hold you – I don’t know how much longer I can pick you up because you’re getting so big, but I’ll keep doing it until I have to stop. 


I love you guys. So much.  I hope love for each other is already growing in your hearts – you are so precious to your Daddy and me, and I hope you can cherish each other as well.

All my love,

Your Momma