I can’t believe I haven’t written anything in the past 3 months.  But how could I?  You guys are running me ragged!  Chasing after both of you leaves me little time to do anything but… chase after you.

All smiles

I have a lot of updates about how you are both growing and changing – especially you, Little Man!  What an amazing 3 months it has been for you.   Right around the beginning of August, you were sitting up pretty well by yourself.  Occasionally, there was a topple-over event, but in general, you were content sitting up and chewing on whatever happened to be within reach.  Around the same time, I realized that you were wearing me out by bouncing over and over and over when I held you.. so out came the Johnny Jump-Up, and in you went.  You love to jump.  I don’t think I can say that emphatically enough.  You. Love. To. Jump.  That Johnny Jump-Up has kept my arms from falling off.  Literally.

First swing!

At the end of August (the 31st, to be exact), the crawling started.  In one day, you decided you were going to start moving.  The day before, you were wiggling around on your belly – just going around in circles, pushing yourself off with your feet.  The next day, in the nursery at the fellowship, I told them you were trying to move.  That night, you just did it.  It was the cutest thing – the first couple of days, you really didn’t move your legs – you just kind of pulled yourself along with your arms, and then you scootched your legs and booter* along behind you.


A week later, you were able to go back to a sitting position from crawling.  That’s saved us a lot of fussing – now you get to where you want to go and sit back down instead of getting there and whining because you’re stuck on your hands and knees.  You went straight to pulling yourself up to a kneeling position – on the ottoman, the hearth, Big Boy’s stool, overturned toy baskets – anything that’s the right height.  All this crawling has been exhausting for you.  You’re sleeping so well!  You’ve always been a good sleeper, but you zonk out when I lay you down now. 
why does he do this to me?
It’s also been a little upsetting for your big brother.  Big Boy, you’ve had all your toys to yourself for such a long time now, it’s hard for you to see your little brother reaching all your things.  You haven’t always been the nicest about it, but with a gentle reminder, you let the Little Man play with your things.  You are such a big boy about so many things now… we have started a little bit of “preschool” at home, and you are a sponge!  I love helping you discover all kinds of cool things.


You are also quite a good singer.  While you’re still undecided about when you like for me to sing, I catch you singing the cutest little songs throughout the day.  “Rock-a-bye Baby” (with our words about birds subbed in instead of the cradle falling part) was the song last week, and today I caught you singing a song about a butterfly: “No butterfly, no butterfly!”  I was wondering where you heard that song, when I realized that the tuneof it was from the Backyardigans, and you had just heard the song this morning.  However, my darling, the real words are, “Float, flutter, fly! Float, flutter, fly!”  I will give you that you are really close with the words, and you are dead-on with the tune!

Playing with light

Daddy and I are also growing up.  Why, just the other day I heard Daddy say, “Well, if you keep on doing that, you’re going to break it, and then you’ll be sad.”  I said a couple days ago, “And that’s a good way to hurt yourself, too.”  I betcha neither of us thought those words would be coming out of our mouths any time soon…
I’m proud of you guys.  You both make me smile everyday.  And that’s the best thing ever.

I love you,

Your Momma


*I’ve never actually written that word down  – it looks ridiculous.  But, guys, that’s what we call your little behinds.  There we go – it’s out now.  There’s no going back.