Well, guys, it’s my birthday today. Your birthday wishes have been much appreciated, although Big Boy – I think yours were more out of self-interest so you could help me open presents, blow out candles, and eat cake.

It’s been really fun this year with you being more aware of what birthdays are. You sang “Happy Birthday” to me yesterday, and this morning (prompted by Daddy) gave me a big hug and sloppy wet kiss. You also told me what you wanted on your birthday cake next time it’s your birthday: a dump truck, a cement mixer, an excavator, a man, and another man (exactly what was on your cake this past year!).

Baby D – your birthday wishes have been glowing smiles, intermixed with the fussiness of teething. So nice, but very wet and drooly.

So, thank you, my little loves. You make my life a pleasure everyday!

I love you,
Your Momma!