I’m borrowing a friend‘s idea about her Wordless Wednesday posts… she always posts a family picture from back in the day – like, way back. I’m going to start doing that here, too, so I can share pictures of your ancestors with you guys.

This picture is from about 1920, we think. It’s a family shot in a bowling alley – see the pins and bowling ball at the front? On the top row, third from the right, is Charles Griepp – he is my Grandma B’s father. He was a policeman. I don’t know much else about him… On the second row from the top, at the far right, is Grampa Ziegler (that is how the back of the picture is labeled – I don’t know his first name yet). He is my Grandma B’s maternal grandfather. That makes him your Great-Great-Great Grandfather!

Also in the picture, on the top row to the right of Grandpa Griepp, is Aunt Gennivive (Grandpa Griepp’s sister) and her husband, Uncle Dobb (Henry Dobb, aka “Dobber” as it says on the back of the picture). Uncle George Ziegler and his two children are possibly in the picture on the bottom row, 4th from the right.

Wow! Not much of a “Wordless” Wednesday. But I’m excited to start sharing these with you.


Your Momma