Before you were born, Baby D, we (well, I) started thinking about a nickname for you. Yes, before you were born. See, we don’t like any of the ways your name can be shortened – except for one, and it’s not an obvious choice. Remember this post? Well, Daddy didn’t like Buddy specifically for you, because he calls both you and Big Boy “Buddy” interchangeably.

Big Boy, you got your nickname in several ways. First of all, you were a Big Boy. Literally. Just a big ol’ chunk of love and baby fat. Your head was perfectly round because of your cheeks. Absolutely adorable! People just started asking how the Big Boy was doing. And at the same time, a commercial came out for a credit card that cemented the name…. A man was trying to access his credit card info by phone, and he had to supply his password over the phone – he tried mumbling it into the phone since he was sitting in a packed train car… “big boy….” But the automatic voice system asked him to repeat it, and he yelled into the phone, “BIG BOY!” making all the people around him look at him. It was just one of those commercials that make you laugh. And the way he said it… that’s how we said “Big Boy” for the longest time.

Your other nickname, at least from me, is Honey Bear. That kind of evolved over time. I started calling you “honey,” but I’m not a “honey” kind of person. It even is hard for me to say that to your Daddy, and he is my “Honey.” That changed into “honey bun,” but your Daddy didn’t really like that (he would look at me weird each time I said it), and it reminded me too much of “Honey Bunches of Oats” – in fact, sometimes, I would say “honey bunch.” I just wasn’t feeling it. But for some reason, I felt like saying “honey….” something. I’m not sure why. So I guess I kept at it, and I don’t know when “Honey Bear” started, but it has stuck. And I love it.

Baby D, I don’t think of you as “Baby D” anymore. I just can’t wait until I find out who you are!

Love you both – your Momma