So I know it’s been a while since I’ve written. You boys keep me busy! I barely have a chance to breathe!

The good news, though, is that you, Baby D, are sleeping through the night. VERY well, in fact – from about 9pm until 8 the next morning. So I am getting rest. Thank you!

You’re also sitting up well (although the bobble-head is still in action), and you’re smiling and talking up a storm. I love your smile… it takes over the lower half of your face, and it’s crooked, too. It’s absolutely adorable!

It seems like we’ve finally gotten your allergies under control, too (thanks a lot, Daddy).You may be allergic to both milk and soy, just like your big brother. When we were feeding you milk and soy formulas, giving you a bottle was like wrestling a mad bull. I’m serious! But we have you on a hypoallergenic formula that costs an arm and a leg, but it seems to really work. It’s amazing how easy giving you a bottle is now! You also need to take Zantac, for your acid reflux. Poor guy, you spit up and it seems so painful. The medicine really does seem to help with that.

We’re kind of in a routine now. We’re staying at home most days and hanging out here. This gives Baby D a chance to nap in his crib, and it gives the Big Boy a chance to drive me crazy at home. I’m sorry, Big Boy. You do need to be out and running around more, and we’re hoping to fix that soon with… get this… a SWINGSET! It will be like going to the park everyday! I’m so excited – and you have no clue what fun you are going to have through the years. UncaDo and I had one while we were growing up, and I have sooo many memories of playing outside on it!

Big Boy, you are a sassy cranky-pants. Not all the time. But wooo! There is no telling what is going to come out of your mouth most days. You are talking in complete sentences all the time, and you are figuring things out on your own. I love to watch your little mind at work.

We pray continuously that the Lord will show us how to help you through your “terrible 2s” – with you alive and us with all of our hair intact. You have a very strong will, and if you don’t get your way, a fit is bound to happen. At the same time, you have a very sweet and generous spirit. You are always wanting to share things with Baby D, and you love to “hold” him and give him kisses before he goes for naps. You are also generous with your hugs and kisses for Daddy and me, and I love snuggling with you. You frequently tell me you love me. Thank you. I need to hear that.

Right now, you’re going through a stuffed animal phase. You’ll love on one stuffed animal for a couple days, and then it’s on to another one. Your little animals are the most loved anywhere, I think. You also declare your love for any food you like… say, blueberries. “Oh, I LOVE blueberries!” “I LOVE asparagus!” “I LOVE chicken!” And I’m so glad you’re a good eater.

OK guys, this has been a long one. And it’s naptime now, so I need to get a bit of rest today, too. I love you both, more than you could ever imagine.