Guys, your Momma is a worrier. I continually try to hand things over to God, and it is a constant struggle.

Big Boy, you’ve inherited your Daddy’s allergies. You’d think that with me having no allergies, it would balance out…. But eggs, peanuts, dogs, melons…. and we don’t know what else…. all get you going. Since last week, you’ve had some hives, and more worrisome, some swelling of your feet and hands. It looks so painful, Big Boy. At first I thought it was caused by your kicking your crib slats and the wall in your room (you do that when you are awake in the crib!). But it has developed at other times, too… We went to the Doctor last week, and they said it was some sort of allergic reaction, but they couldn’t pinpoint it… we’ve been giving you Benedryl for the past week, but it’s time to figure out what’s going on here!

Lord, I lift this child up to you. Please heal him and give us all peace.