Big Boy, Big Boy, Big Boy…. I hafta tell ya – you’ve been on thin ice lately. Hurting Momma’s feelings is not a nice thing – though I have expected it (stories from moms being told they have bad breath, etc., have been a nice warning). And I know that at nearly 22 months, you just don’t know if you hurt someone’s feelings.

Lately, you’ve been telling me to stop singing. Gasp! What in the world? No one has told me to stop singing since UncaDo (way, way back in the day) very nicely told me he was sick and tired of hearing me sing. I think his exact words were, “You have a very nice voice – I just am tired of hearing you sing all the time!” (He must’ve thought that one out for a while – normally he was not that diplomatic). And I know that as a voice major, not everyone liked my voice. Heck, look at all the roles I didn’t get! But nobody ever told me to stop singing!

It took me a couple times to understand what you meant. You don’t flat out say, “Stop.” You say, “No, Momma, No!” over and over as I sing. And at first, I thought you just didn’t like the song, “Jesus Loves Me.” I was sad about that – you’re going to hear that many, many times in your life, and it is the truth – He does love you. Then I thought you just wanted to say “No,” to the part in the song that says, “Yes, Jesus loves me!” because you’re a very contrary boy these days. Then I realized, it wasn’t just that song. It was also the ABCs and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, your two most favorite songs in the whole world.

So tonight, as I’m rocking you in your room before bedtime, we said our prayers (as always, you blessed UncaDo’s socks off!). Then I sang “God is so good” to you. Normally, you listen to a new song, and that’s a newer one to you. Then we broke into Twinkle, Twinkle… You started it, and I joined in. After I sang about one line, you stopped me with an emphatic, “No, Momma!” OK…. So I asked you if you wanted to sing it to me, alone. You said, “Yes!” and proceeded to sing it to me! You caught me whispering it along with you, and you stopped me again. You sang it alone a total of 3 times. Good for you, Big Boy. I’m so proud. Sing on, my son!

I love you,

PS – Baby D – please stop trying to dig out my right side. That’s not how you’ll get out. And it’s most uncomfortable.