Big Boy…. here’s a hat you’ll have for years. How do I know? Because it’s been in the family for generations. My family… because even though I’m a Miller now, I was a Miller before I got married. I prayed a little prayer in high school that I would marry a man whose last name was Miller – so I didn’t have to change my name (I thought my name would be a good stage name – easy to remember, has a nice ring to it…). And Miller is one of the most plentiful last names in the US. I love the little reminders that God answers prayers….

So this hat – it was your Poppy’s hat in the 70’s. Then your UncaDo and I wore it (and one other one almost just like it) through the 80’s…. in the 90’s we laughed about it – and then, when I left home, your UncaDo inherited it. We had a lot of other Miller Beer paraphernalia (it was hard not to have it when your Poppy’s standard response over the phone when giving his name was “Miller – just like the beer!”) – but this is the only one that I think survived. Unless there are more stored away in Gam and Poppy’s attic. We’ll see….

I’m glad you like it – it has a lot of history. You just won’t be able to wear it out in public – ever, I think.