Guys, I had such grand ideas about parenting before I became a parent. Never would I formula-feed. Never would I use a pacifier. Never would I yell. Never would my child watch TV before the age of 2…. sigh. I admit I have eaten my words on each one of those statements, and many more. And while most of the statements I made were made judgementally and I found out through experience that I’m going to do more things while I’m a parent than I ever thought I’d do.

Unfortunately, the TV-watching has already gotten out of hand. And Big Boy, you’re not even 2 years old yet. I admit to using the TV more than I should, to get a little bit of quiet time. At this point, it’s a habit for both you and me. And since I’m so tired from being pregnant with Baby D, I’m not sure that this habit will change for a while. I’m sorry, Big Boy. I hope that this does not affect you negatively. Granted, I was raised on watching TV, and I think I turned out pretty OK….

But the funny thing is how much you tell on us for watching TV! You are always asking for your favorites… “Elmo?” “Gabba?” “Art-ur?” “Calliou?” “George?” “Y?” You run through your list to see who might be on at the time… and I’m afraid your Daddy thinks we sit at home all day and watch TV. We don’t, but man, you make it sound like it! And instead of the music that normally runs through my head (praise songs, even songs I hear on the radio), I wake up at 3:00am singing the theme song to Arthur, Clifford, or Super Why. It gets stuck in my head, and I cannot get it out! The sleepless nights are bad enough, but with these songs running through my head, it’s pretty much excruciating.

“Clifford needed Emily, so she chose him for her own.
And her love made Clifford grow so big that the Howards had to leave their home….”