Your Daddy said something interesting to me yesterday. He was putzing around in the kitchen, and he mentioned that sometimes he cannot believe that he is in charge of a child. I reminded him that it was soon to be 2 children, and then I asked him a couple questions. Is it that you don’t feel “old” enough, responsible enough? What it is that makes him say that? Yes, it was both of those things. He doesn’t feel like he’s changed enough to be able to take on the responsibility of being a father. The good news is, the Lord knows your Daddy’s heart, and knows his actual growth and change – and deemed him ready! Goodness, ready enough to bear the whole financial burden of providing for a family by himself! It does sneak up on you, though… it seems like one day you’re living life, trying to live in the path the Lord has for you, and then – bam – you’re married with 2 children. Wow. It is a huge responsibility… and I am very proud and thankful that your Daddy is obeying God with us as his family.

Clear proof that your Daddy is ready to be in charge of kids.