Baby D, I have to tell ya – you surprised me. I know no two pregnancies are the same, but before we found out you were a boy at our 20 week appointment (on August 22nd)… I was sure you were going to be a girl.

Why? Well, let’s see… at the beginning of my pregnancy with you, everything was completely different. And by everything, I mean that I had virtually no nausea. With Big Boy, I was sick for the first 3 months solid. With you, I was sick a total of 2 days. That was it! And so I just knew you were going to be a girl!

I was really relieved when I found out you were a boy! I think it would be fun to have a girl, but now I don’t have to deal with princesses and that kind of stuff. Now, I will get all kinds of fun boy things, like cars and dinosaurs, mud and bugs. And I am so happy! It will be just me and my guys….

And I cannot wait to see you and Big Boy grow up together. Bunk beds and everything – I think you two will be great friends. I know there will be plenty of fights (Daddy is already teaching Big Boy about wrestling – don’t worry, he’ll get you caught up!), but I also know there will be plenty of love.

I always felt like I would be a Momma to boys. The Lord knew my heart, and He has filled me to overflowing!

I was going to post an ultrasound picture showing you are a boy – but the pictures are all kind of…. explicit!