Ha! I have no idea what else to call this post, guys… I don’t need for you to think I’m “cool” in anyway. I’m a parent now, and I distinctly remember how un-cool parents are. And I don’t need to be your friend – the Lord has put me here to be your Mom, not your BFF. What I do want, and will be working to instill in you both, is your love and respect. I haven’t thought much further than that, yet, so there may be more that I want, but I know those two will always top the list!

Anyway – I was thinking about something that happened to me in the past, and I thought to myself, “I need to remember to tell the boys that when they get older. They’ll think that’s so cool!” (see the first thing on my list). So I thought this would be a perfect place to write it (and other things) down, so that if I do forget to tell you, you’ll be able to read it someday. And I’m trying to gear this to you two as boys – but if I sneak something in that might be a bit girly, well… it’s because I think it’s cool. So here goes!

  • I once talked with John Elway (don’t worry – you’ll know who this is). Well, maybe talked with is a little… hm, let’s say I spoke to him. And he did speak back. But we didn’t really “talk with” each other. Back story: when I was in grad school in Colorado, the Broncos did their pre-season training at UNC – and were often working out at the Rec Center during normal hours. It was pretty much an unwritten rule that if they were in here working out, you did not hound them for autographs, etc. Well, one day I happened to be at the Rec Center playing racquetball with my roommate, and I walked across the gym floor for something – probably some water. John Elway was walking past me, and I said, “hi…” He, in return, said, “Hey.” I’m pretty sure that’s how it went. I don’t remember exactly because I was too excited. But I think it was really cool. It was the year that he retired.
  • Said roommate of the racquetball game was Miss Alabama in 1995 – and she made it to the top 10 in the Miss America Pagent. Yeah, she is really pretty.
  • I can sing 2 tones at one time. This is not a common thing – the only other people I know of that can do this are a group of monks in Tibet. I do not sound pretty when I do this – I used to freak out my roommates when I did it.
  • Some milestones you might think are cool when you get older: Becoming a college professor at age 22. Getting my Master’s degree at age 23. Owning a home by age 25.
  • I was one of the only people in my high school (and college for that matter) who drove a stick shift (don’t worry – you’ll know how to do this one day, too). I’m not sure why – but none of the other girls did, and only some of the guys. I happen to think that this is an indispensable skill, and it allowed me to be able to get into any car at anytime and drive if the situation called for it. It has allowed me to drive some pretty cool cars, period!
  • If you turn out to be musicians, you’ll think this is cool – I sang with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Chorus under Robert Shaw – while in high school. It was the best opportunity I had in my musical career – it taught me so much about music and about me.
  • I love The Beatles (don’t worry – you will know who this is).
  • I love football (Go ‘Skins!) and baseball (Go Braves!). I love watching hockey, but only live games (and I don’t have a favorite team). I like watching golf – it’s good to nap to (and don’t worry, you dad knows I feel this way).
  • When I played intramural (flag) football in college, I got the most penalties called on me, because when I ran at all the “little” girls in my way, they would just fall down. I swear, I never touched them! But they fell down, and I got in trouble. Humph.
  • When I played football with the guys, I could get the QB more often then not. So there. And no “little” girls fell down. Only if I knocked them down.

OK – that’s all the boy-coolness I can think of now. A lot things would continue to fall into girly-coolness, so I’ll leave them off – but if you want to know, just ask!

Love you guys!