In April of this year, I started a “Mommy’s Journal” – just a Word document on my desktop that I was going to enter things into daily about you, Big Boy… well, as you’ll see below, I didn’t keep up with it that well – and I kept apologizing for it there, too! That’s why I started this blog – thinking that if it was out there for others to read, too, it might motivate me more.

I wanted to have the entries I made into this “journal” here, too, so everything was in one place. So here goes!
Mommy’s Journal About the Big Boy.
Started this day, April 18, 2007.

I feel so bad about not having written things down lately. I have tons of notes from your first year, and I will be transferring them into your baby book. Some day. But there are so many things you do each day that crack me and your daddy up, and I want to share them with you. Our computer is now in our den, so I can watch you be adorable and then run and write about it.
For example, today you have already done the cutest things:
Laid on your belly and picked up the dust bunnies from underneath the butcher block island in the kitchen. Maybe this isn’t so cute, because it’s pretty gross that there are still dust bunnies underneath the island, but it was pretty funny. You were absolutely silent, and I just knew something was going on.
Signed “Thank you” to Gam when she gave you a piece of her apple. And this was after you said and signed “Please” to her. You’re adorable!

I’m sure there will be more today. This is just what I can remember from this morning.

Now I need to get started on a list of what you can say, so I can show the Dr. how amazingly smart you are when we go for your 15 month check-up next week.

Things You Can Say At 15 Months Old:

Da = dad
No (can shake head)
Yes (can nod)
OK My = mine
Daw = dog
Ca = cat
Meow Moo
Bir = bird (can sign)
Duh = duck
KaKaKa = quack
Pees = please (can sign)
Mo = more (can sign)
Ta ta = Thank you (can sign)
Cah = car
Tuh = truck
Ah-doh = hello
Ah-to = Achoo
MeMe = Madelyn
Goo = Uncle Drew
Buh = book
Chuh = train
Oo Oo Oo = monkey
Boo = balloon
Yuck = yucky
Sah = sock
Choo = shoe
Noe = nose
Ba = ball
Ju = juice
Mih = milk

You can also do a plethora of amazing things…

May 22, 2007
Picking up after a long lapse…

I intended to write in here on a regular basis… you’re such a busy boy to chase after, though!

The list of the amazing things you can do continues to grow… and what used to be amazing is now commonplace for you. The new things I’ve seen you do in the past couple days include hitting (especially hitting me), hugging your daddy without being asked (this is the sweetest thing ever), running in circles, sharing your goldfish crackers, and laughing while I brush your teeth. You are the cutest thing ever (except for the hitting).

That’s right! You’re going to be a big brother! And you’re going to be such a good big brother. You love other kids – both older and younger. I can’t wait to see you with your little sibling.