In one week, you grew up. My Big Boy is even bigger now! Hubby and I went to Myrtle Beach for a vacation – alone, without children. We figured it will be the last time in a long time we were able to get away for a week without kids.

Never mind that every child we saw reminded us of you. That everything we did, I was thinking how much fun you’d have doing it. Running on the beach, playing miniature golf, looking at sharks up-close at the aquarium, playing in the waves… I am so excited about our future family vacations. I’m sorry I wasn’t ready to take a 19 month old child out of town for a week… I did need a break before the new baby comes. But the vacations for years to come… I am so looking forward to them!

Every day we called for an update. And every day, we got to hear your little-bitty voice on the phone, saying, “Hi, Mommy! Hi, Daddy!” And every day my heart broke a little more – knowing that you had a little life without me. Even if just for a week.

We came to pick you up at Gam and Poppy’s house today. You looked so big – definitely not the little boy we left last week. No, you’re now a little man. After pulling shy for a nano-second, you gave us both hugs and kisses, then ran to show us your box and your drums and your balloon – everything you accumulated at Gam and Poppy’s over the week. And then… you wouldn’t let us go. You held our hands and snuggled with us, and cried when we left the room to go to the bathroom. Gam said you were very well-behaved – even better than when we were there. I believe it – you were testing us out again – seeing where your boundaries were again.

But the joy on your face seeing us again made me cry. I am so glad to be at home with you again. It’s you and me, Big Boy. My even bigger Big Boy.