My darling boys – to those who are already with me and the one yet to be born,

I started this site last week, when I found out we were having another baby boy. I’ve wanted to do something special for my boys, and I thought that this might be a more consistent way for me to keep track of all the amazingness that you guys are – all the amazingness that you bring into my life. I hope that this site is a wonderful catch-all of pictures, stories, and memories – and that one day I can print it all out for you to keep forever.

I’m a tomboy at heart, and I knew in my heart of hearts that I would be a mom of boys. A little part of me wanted ribbons and dresses, but the excitement of mud pies and choochoo trains outweighs that by far! The Lord knew what I needed, and He knew what to surround me with… and I am so excited for the years to come!

To Big Boy: you are going to be a GREAT big brother. You should’ve seen yourself with your little cousin tonight. You were so gentle with her – wanting to see her and hold her, rock her and give her a pacifier. You laughed at her little faces, all while keeping your hands to yourself! See why you’re my Big Boy? and only 18 months old!!!

To our littlest one (I’ll think of a good name for you soon!): we are so excited that you are coming into our lives this December. We cannot wait to hold you in our arms and love on you! You are already so active – kicking me, letting me know you are there. You will add a wonderful fullness to our little family!

To my Hubby: thank you for everything. Everything you do, everything you are. The Lord has truly blessed me through you, and I am thankful!

I don’t think that all my posts will be this sappy…. I’m not such a sappy person in general. But I wanted to let you, my boys, know about the love overflowing in my heart.